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International Food in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Asia, only Bangkok can compete with the eclectic combination of nationalities that have settled and chosen to live in this great seaside town.

And with this exotic mix of tradition, culture, and language comes the cuisine of each nation also. Even the local Thai population of Pattaya comes from all four corners of the kingdom to take advantage of the various jobs in the hospitality industry.

As one of best restaurants in Pattaya, Ruen Thai offers not just fabulous Thai dishes, but some of top international food in Pattaya. Our restaurant caters for great western food as well as superb seafood and fish dishes from the four great regions of Thailand.

International Restaurants in Pattaya

Pattaya is a real melting pot when it comes to food and drink, over the last few decades tens of thousands of expats from all over the world have descended on the city and settled in the coastal town to live.

After a while demand started for their home-styled food and new restaurants started appearing all over town. Today you can find just about any world cuisine represented in the restaurants and eateries in Pattaya.

Concerning Thai food, the population of Pattaya is also fortunate, Thai workers from all over the Kingdom have descended upon Pattaya to enjoy the employment afforded by the hospitality industry and learn new trades.

They also yearn for food from back home, so you can sample Northern, North Eastern, Central and Southern authentic Thai dishes just

about everywhere in the city, which is highly unusual outside Bangkok.

Types of International Restaurants

Firstly, dining out in Pattaya does not need to break the budget. Yes there are swanky five star hotel restaurants serving Michelin quality food, but there are also a plethora of individually owned private businesses delivering excellent quality food, served as it would be back home.

  • Steak - Everybody loves a good steak and Pattaya has many dedicated steakhouses serving top quality imported beef. Most of these steakhouses have an American type twist to how they operate, with big bold flavours. But you can also find great steaks in the many nationality themed restaurants, especially Italian and French.

  • European - The cuisine of Europe is well represented with many dedicated restaurants serving Italian, French, British, German, Russian, and Greek food to name just a few.

  • Asian - It is obvious due to its location that Pattaya would be a great place to eat Asian food, the cuisine of Thailand has taken many influences from the countries that surround it, and many tourists come from other parts of Asia to holiday in Pattaya.

  • Thus you can find Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and food from Laos readily available in town.

  • The Middle East - Exotic flavours and dishes are available from all over the middle east in restaurants devoted to spice and complex flavours.

  • The World - There are many other famous cuisines represented in the diners, cafes and restaurants of Pattaya from all over the world including the USA, South America, Mexico and other far flung places of the globe.

The food of Pattaya reflects a truly international and cosmopolitan city, where you can expect great food from anywhere in the world being served either on the street or fine air conditioned restaurants.

International Food in Pattaya
International Food in Pattaya

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