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Dinner Options in Pattaya

Dining out in Pattaya has always been a welcome experience as there are so many options open to the hungry diner. Pattaya has now a thriving expat community that is from all four corners of the world, and because of the demand for home-cooked food different nationality foods can be found everywhere in the city.

Great Pattaya restaurants such as Ruen Thai cater for international customers as well as Thais. They even offer exciting extras such as signature cocktails so their patrons can peruse the extensive menu whilst sipping a long cool drink.

Types of Food in Pattaya

Visiting Pattaya you will be amazed at the vast array of dining options open to you, of course the location of the city on the Gulf of Thailand is perfect for seafood lovers. Great shellfish such as crab, prawn, oysters are freshly caught daily and compared to Europe really inexpensive.

Thailand is famed for its delicious pork and chicken and it really is some of the best in the whole of Asia. As for beef, if it is steak you like then perhaps you should look for imported beef which there are many options. The Thai beef is best for stir frying and as an ingredient rather to be eaten by itself due to the texture of the meat.

Fish is loved by everybody, especially Thai’s. And there are many great fish dishes that can be found in top restaurants, and in market stalls and street food. Succulent sea bass, tasty snapper, catfish and many river fish all frequent dining tables on a regular basis.

The great thing about it all is the food that would normally be horrendously expensive in places like Europe is really quite reasonable in Pattaya as it is sourced locally.

Where and When Can you Eat?

The simple answer to where and when you can eat? Is anywhere and anytime. Pattaya is a twenty four hour city that you can find nourishment at anytime of the day or night.

  • Fast Food - Some people are addicted to their fast food and the usual suspects can be found all over Pattaya, some of the McDonalds & KFCs are open 24 hours so your happy meal or big bucket addiction is easy to fix.

  • Street Food / Market Food - Many street vendors ply their trade by starting in the afternoon and can be found on the streets until the early hours of the morning when the bars and clubs close. The many market venues that serve food open up very early in the morning for breakfast and finish around 7 or 8pm.

  • Restaurants - The restaurant hours in Pattaya are around the same as anywhere else, some open for breakfast and some for lunch, but most of the good diners will open around 5pm just for dinner and serve food till about 11pm.

  • Cafes - There is a large cafe culture in Pattaya, from the European type establishment serving cakes and light bites for lunch, to the more typical Thai cafe which will serve mostly iced coffee and perhaps some Thai sweet snacks.

Whatever you want to eat or drink, Pattaya has it covered. It does not even matter if you cannot go out of your house as there are many home delivery services also.

Dinner Options in Pattaya
Dinner Options in Pattaya

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