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Traditional Thai Dance at Ruen Thai Restaurant

If you are looking for a Thai restaurant with entertainment in Pattaya, then your number one choice should be Ruen Thai located in the very heart of downtown Pattaya in a secluded soi off Pattaya Second Road.

Ruen Thai is a beautiful and secluded restaurant that features traditional Thai dance and music presented on an open air stage every night. As well offering the most delicious and authentic Thai food, patrons can enjoy nightly performances of superb traditional Thai dancers together with accompanying live music.

Traditional Thai Dance

Traditional Thai dancing is a beautiful combination of elaborate costumes together with graceful body movements.


In all there are six versions of Thai dancing: ram wong, the khon, lakhon lek, shadow puppetry and lakhon. One of the ways that the dances differ is by the sort of costume that is worn by the dancers.


These costumes are highly ornate and elaborate with the designs dating back hundreds of years. Gold and silver sequins are used in abundance, together with some exceptional materials to enhance the costumes to the very full.


Kohn is the Thai traditional masked dance and in years gone by it was only performed in front of the Thai royal family. Kohn is still considered one of the highest performance art forms in Thailand, and the choreography is inspired from the epic Thai tale The Ramakien.


Probably the most popular traditional Thai dance is Li-khe which is an entertaining mix of exotic costumes, humour and suggestive sexual innuendo. This highly entertaining dance form is loved in the country areas of Thailand.

Ram Wong

Ran Wong literally means to dance in a circle and again is really popular throughout the Kingdom. It is essentially a Thai folk dance where both men and women dance together in a circular manner, slowly and very gracefully.

Shadow Puppetry

Shadow Puppetry is one of the oldest art forms in Thailand and is becoming a very rare art form indeed. A white sheet is placed in front of the performers where the operator and the puppet are both illuminated from behind, The puppets used are highly ornate and are carved from cow hides and beautifully painted.

Lakhon Lek

Lakhon Lek is another puppet orientated art form, this time however the puppets are mostly props for the elegant dancers. As well as dance the puppets also sing courtesy of their operators.


A really popular women’s traditional dance that many young Thai’s like to perform also. The whole ethos behind the dance is that the performers act as one together rather than individually.


Lakhon is performed in lavish costumes with exorbitant stage settings, the feature of the dance is mostly the upper body movements with graceful hand gestures.

If you would like to see such beautiful Thai dancing accompanied by traditional Thai musicians then head down to Ruen Thai restaurant. Performances are free for diners and it is a superb way to have a sumptuous first class dinner whilst being thoroughly entertained at the same time.  

Traditional Thai Dance at Ruen Thai


Locate on pattaya 2 nd road behind Royal Garden Plaza


485/3 หมู่ 10 พัทยาใต้ ถ.พัทยาสาย2

ต.หนองปรือ อ.บางละมุง จ.ชลบุรี 20150

โทรศัพท์ 038425911 แฟกซ์ 038425273


Traditional Thai Dance at Ruen Thai

Ruenthai Restaurant 

South Pattaya - Pattaya 2nd road





485/3 m.10 Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi 20150


For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitateto contact us. 

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Ruenthai Restaurant

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